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Webfusion Team 02 Jun 2014

Introducing our new state of the art data centre

By Webfusion Team in Uncategorized

Tweet On 28th May 2014, we officially unveiled our new state of the art data centre environment. The event, which was hosted by Host Europe Group non-executive Chairman, Lord John Birt, saw the unveiling of the new DC5 environment. The new multi-million pound project has seen our infrastructure completely transformed with greater redundancy, resilience and greener environmental credentials  […]

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Webfusion Team 24 Feb 2014

Supporting your business with a new state of the art Data Centre

By Webfusion Team in Webfusion

Tweet For the past twelve months, we have been working non-stop on our investment to update our existing data centre infrastructure. This significant investment will allow us to continue to provide a first class service for our customers. This build has been commissioned to further ensure value for money for our customers, further allowing us to […]

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Tim 30 Jan 2014

Bluetooth set to rise again

By Tim in Business

Tweet Remember when you used to walk down the street and be bombarded with strange pop-ups on your phone sent via Bluetooth®? An offer for a free coffee, or a discounted haircut? Then came the security scandal of Blue-jacking! Could nasties be hacking your phone by allowing all and sundry to connect via Bluetooth? That […]

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Tim 09 Jan 2014

Forget mobile shopping trends – Omni-channel is the long term future

By Tim in Business

Tweet The opening days of the new year have been filled with report after report on how mobile and online shopping reached a new peak over the festive period. There are articles on every news-stand and blog about the essentials of having a mobile compatible eshop and even one-man operator professional service companies are moving […]

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Tim 20 Nov 2013

Does social offer new outlets for creative designers?

By Tim in Design, Social media

Tweet Less is more and more is becoming even lesser, as the online world moves towards being socially driven – abandoning web-sites in favour of social platforms, emphasising SEO-led content over classy design and performing via quick finger-tip swipes apps rather than traditional broswers – so the creative designer may find themselves being somewhat sidelined, […]

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Tim 06 Nov 2013

Responsive web design the traditional way

By Tim in Design

Tweet Yes, we know more and more people are looking at the internet via mobile – phones and tablets. We understand that having a site that is not mobile-friendly could have serious implications to conversion, engagement and trafic but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Yes, a website advertising a restaurant has to be mobile responsive to […]

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Tim 23 Oct 2013

Will Apple’s Maverick stance see the haters change their ways?

By Tim in Technology news

Tweet Apple’s event on Tuesday had few big surprises from Tim Cook. A new thinner “iPad Air” and a new retina screen version of the iPad mini were pretty much already what people were expecting but one aspect of the presentation to the global media assembled was the announcement from Apple Senior Vice President Software […]

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Tim 03 Oct 2013

Managed Hosting means peace of mind

By Tim in Webfusion

Tweet In the IT world there is sometimes an element of snobbery about the difference between managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. Managed hosting to many is an unnecessary expense, doing everything thing your IT team already know and can do, but in reality it is much more than that. In the business world car leasing […]

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Tim 20 Sep 2013

5 ways to business success your parents would tell you

By Tim in Five top tips

Tweet “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know….” as your parents used to tell you and in business to make money you need work hard and apply proven knowledge. So why not use some of those old adage your parents used to promote to make you and your business more successful. Here’s 5 for starters: […]

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Tim 13 Sep 2013

The battle between UX and SEO

By Tim in Design, SEO

Tweet We all want a great looking website but we all know a great look doesn’t necessarily mean a high ranking site. However, good it looks you need to get visitors to your site to view it or it is all a waste of time. So the battle between user experience and search engine optimisation […]

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