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Tim 02 Nov 2012

Why we think you should be after a slice of Raspberry Pi

By Tim in Development

If you’ve visited our site recently you’ll probably see we’re pretty excited about the Raspberry Pi – we’re even giving one away with every Dedicated server. But what’s so special about it? Well, here’s just a handful reasons why we think it could well change the future of computing.

  1. It is a proper computer that is little bigger than a pack of cards and cheaper to buy than most games console new release games.
  2. It’s British built so helping build the British IT economy.
  3. Some of the world’s biggest computer brains are backing it – David Braben (creator of cult game Elite) is even on the board.
  4. Although it is small, lightweight and basic in look its functionality is amazingly broad – check out the technical specification – , it even offers 1080p HD video streaming.


Now when your friends, family or partner complain about  ‘another gadget’ or ‘geeky tool’ you have purchased, you can point to your Raspberry Pi and tell them it is all in the name of education and learning.

That’s what spurred the development and launch of Raspberry Pi. The system was created to offer affordable computers for kids to learn the very basics of PC programming on. Yet, it is good for big kids and little kids alike. If you’ve never had a chance to get to grips with programming yourself or perhaps fancy really getting to know LINUX, this is the perfect option. This blog from Endgadget shows you how to program your first thing on a Raspberry Pi in Python.

Geeky and Fun

Now we know not everybody likes to be labelled a geek but if you are happy to wear the label the Raspberry Pi just may be your way to computer stardom. Already a whole series of Rasberry Pi forums and networking groups have sprung up with many of those taking part also competing to come up with the most innovative, clever and perhaps geeky use of their Raspberry Pi. Have a look at the blog over on our sister site at 123-reg for how people are creating robots, automating their homes and making their lives a little bit more funky.

So in summary, the Raspberry Pi is fun but also a great way to learn about computing. It’s that combination that we think will be so potent in making it a catalyst for change in the computing world. Programming, coding and hacking hardware should be fun, but more importantly the more people that understand that the more effort will be placed into this line of work and hopefully bring about even further leaps and bounds in technology than we have seen in the past few – already very impressive – decades.

Demand for the Raspberry Pi is understandably very strong leaving many suppliers in short supply. If you want your own one though don’t forget we are giving one away with every new dedicated server you purchase, so it’s a win, win.

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