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Tim 25 Jan 2013

One Page Wonders?

Back in September last year, I asked if one page was enough? In 2013 it appears a single page website will be ample.

The modern online world is about interactions and most of those take place on social networks – shared platforms not owned by brands or companies, but simply where some of them ‘rent’ some space. That’s not to say the domain name and web hosting is dead, far from it. It just means the use and purpose of that domain name and hosting space has changed.

In fact many modern sites labelled as single page sites, are not strictly that either. The trend to use ‘single pages’ with a unique look per page of a same site that allows scrolling from one page to another, seems to be something gaining prominence in 2013. This South African site Pigspotter is one of the best examples we have come across. effectively animating a site with a slider style effect making a site feel like a single page but in fact being made up of lots of single pages. Pretty cool.

Back to the more traditional single pages though and you will be amazed what you can get on a single landing page. One thing is clear, if you only have one page it probably needs to be image-led, and that needs to be one striking image too.

It is all about grabbing attention, and in that respect the simplicity is also key, making them more mobile-friendly and key message focused.

While many single page sites cram plenty of information into a single frame, it is also important to ensure against over-crowding and making colours and layout too over-complicated. Shrinking text or images so you can fit more on never works in reality, so remembering realistic proportions is important.

The reason one page wonders have become acceptable and more popular is as mentioned at the start of this article, we use so many networks elsewhere. In this respect your main website needs to be as much signpost as anything else. With embeds and image led links it is easy to make this funky, fresh and enticing. One great example is the official site of DJ Calvin Harris. Even his online store is run on a third-party app so his site is a one page leapfrog out to his various networks.

Official Site of Calvin Harris

It’s a tough call as those in the design world will probably be reluctant to move towards single page rather than multiple page because you clearly can’t look to charge as much, meaning more projects with bigger margins to make the same profits. Yet if you want to be cutting edge, want to be different and trust in your creativity skills then there certainly appears to be a market and possibly even a need for thousands of one page websites for clients large and small.

What do you think? Have you been asked by a client to keep a site single page for design purposes?

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