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Archive for the ‘Design’ Category

Tim 20 Nov 2013

Does social offer new outlets for creative designers?

By Tim in Design, Social media

Tweet Less is more and more is becoming even lesser, as the online world moves towards being socially driven – abandoning web-sites in favour of social platforms, emphasising SEO-led content over classy design and performing via quick finger-tip swipes apps rather than traditional broswers – so the creative designer may find themselves being somewhat sidelined, […]

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Tim 06 Nov 2013

Responsive web design the traditional way

By Tim in Design

Tweet Yes, we know more and more people are looking at the internet via mobile – phones and tablets. We understand that having a site that is not mobile-friendly could have serious implications to conversion, engagement and trafic but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Yes, a website advertising a restaurant has to be mobile responsive to […]

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Tim 13 Sep 2013

The battle between UX and SEO

By Tim in Design, SEO

Tweet We all want a great looking website but we all know a great look doesn’t necessarily mean a high ranking site. However, good it looks you need to get visitors to your site to view it or it is all a waste of time. So the battle between user experience and search engine optimisation […]

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Tim 25 Jan 2013

One Page Wonders?

Tweet Back in September last year, I asked if one page was enough? In 2013 it appears a single page website will be ample. The modern online world is about interactions and most of those take place on social networks – shared platforms not owned by brands or companies, but simply where some of them […]

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Tim 16 Nov 2012

Why those years of the chocolate egg with a toy weren’t wasted

By Tim in Design

Tweet If you enjoyed – or perhaps still enjoy – fixing and making feats of engineering then the next few years are set to be very exciting for you. Our sister site 123-reg recently reported the potential of Web 3.0 and led heavily on 3D printing as likely to be the biggest change in the […]

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Tim 10 Oct 2012

5 Colour Collusion tools

By Tim in Design

Tweet Colour collusion? Well how colour interacts with your your website covertly and how it can improve your business. Did you know that colour can be one of the strongest influences on purchasing decisions. This Kissmetric infographic suggests how important it can be.                 So we’ve trawled our bookmarks […]

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Tim 25 Jul 2012

What’s app? Will HTML5 spell the end for apps?

By Tim in Design, Development

Tweet OK, so its been claimed many times in the past year or so that HTML5 is set to revolutionise our world, but now the revolution is almost upon us. HTML forms the backbone of the internet we know and love. People know it and some people even love and understand it. It was way […]

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Tim 12 Jul 2012

Black, grey, red or blue – What colour says about you

By Tim in Design

Tweet Are you running your own business? Consider these questions and if not ask them of your client. What are your brand colours? How did you choose them? What do you think the colour alone says about you as a brand? What do the colours of your competitors say about them? It’s an interesting concept […]

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Tim 18 May 2012

UX design thoughts for the weekend

By Tim in Design

Tweet The User-experience is what it is all about. Not the googlebots, not the QA testing team, not the in-house sales staff. If your website is customer-facing, the customer’s user experience and customer journey should be top of your list before you even put pen to paper. It’s become a bit of a trendy term […]

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Alexandra 03 May 2012

Why we get angry when our favourite sites change their look?

By Alexandra in Design

Tweet When a site changes how it looks or functions, it is rarely met with a positive reaction. Take for instance the re-design of the popular Digg website that was announced by a staff member in a recent blog post. Not long after the announcement was made, over 2,000 negative comments had been made by […]

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