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Tim 09 May 2013

Smellovision is here… well nearly it needs help from developers

Tweet Since the rise of the silver screen in the 1930s, film studios and advertising companies have constantly re-visted the idea of film or tv you can smell. Go to any theme park and scent is a key ingredient of the ambience and atmosphere. Your sense of smell can help place you in the right […]

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Tim 02 Nov 2012

Why we think you should be after a slice of Raspberry Pi

By Tim in Development

Tweet If you’ve visited our site recently you’ll probably see we’re pretty excited about the Raspberry Pi – we’re even giving one away with every Dedicated server. But what’s so special about it? Well, here’s just a handful reasons why we think it could well change the future of computing. It is a proper computer […]

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Tim 25 Jul 2012

What’s app? Will HTML5 spell the end for apps?

By Tim in Design, Development

Tweet OK, so its been claimed many times in the past year or so that HTML5 is set to revolutionise our world, but now the revolution is almost upon us. HTML forms the backbone of the internet we know and love. People know it and some people even love and understand it. It was way […]

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Tim 09 May 2012

Will HTML5 kill the drive for multi-platform Apps?

Tweet HTML5 is here, well nearly. Certainly more and more people seem to be aware of it and therefore more and more headlines and projects are being written with it in mind. This month one of the world’s most respected news outlets also gave it a big thumbs up. The Financial Times has reported mobile […]

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Tim 23 Sep 2011

Auntie reveals new look

By Tim in Design, Development

Tweet The BBC are doing it again. The public service broadcaster may get considerable criticism for the money it ploughs into its online ventures but nobody could deny they are not well designed and created on the back of customer feedback. Last year we wrote Where the BBC leads and 18 months on some of […]

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Tim 08 Sep 2011

New Fund for small but engaging ideas

Tweet One company / site we have been keeping an eye on in recent months is Enterprise Nation. There are lots of places offering insights for small businesses via blogs, videos, books etc but this one stood out when we first came across it and now with a re-launch with new features and ideas, it […]

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Tim 31 Aug 2011

Dedication is what you need

Tweet “Your business is growing and your online presence is vital to the way your business operates on a day to day basis.” If this sounds like a description of your business, then it is probably time for you to upgrade to a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are exactly that, servers dedicated to your business. […]

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Tim 21 Jul 2011

Looking for feedback from your customers? Try a vending machine

Tweet OK, it helps if your product is something that lends itself readily to the vending machine concept, but Coca-Cola is investing in a new range of machines that it expects will transform its business by offering instant marketing feedback and trends, and there may be something for every industry to learn. The Freestyle drinks […]

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David 26 May 2011


Tweet IPv4 has been with us since 1981, and has a history even beyond that, and yes, it’s running out. A technology lasting 30 years is quite impressive – in computing terms it’s amazing. Can you imagine using the computer you used in 1981? Did you even HAVE a computer in 1981? The internet began […]

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Tim 02 Dec 2010

Top Ten Wireless Predictions

Tweet Communications sector consultants Juniper Research today released their latest report highlighting their predictions for the coming year in the mobile and wireless industry. The report reflects on last year’s proven predictions of surging mobile data traffic, driven by the consumer smartphone boom and the fact that with 3G networks under strain a number of […]

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