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Archive for the ‘Jargon-busters’ Category

Tim 03 Nov 2011

Back-up your Back-up regime

Tweet No we’re not saying you have to copy every archive file you make – although there’s some merit in doing the same – we mean step-back and re-evaluate how you currently back up your critical business data. You probably already appreciate the importance of protecting your data with a regular back-up. You may even […]

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David 26 May 2011


Tweet IPv4 has been with us since 1981, and has a history even beyond that, and yes, it’s running out. A technology lasting 30 years is quite impressive – in computing terms it’s amazing. Can you imagine using the computer you used in 1981? Did you even HAVE a computer in 1981? The internet began […]

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Tim 13 Dec 2010

Linux or Windows hosting?

Tweet While your PC is highly-likely to run Windows as its operating system, in hosting terms, the more common operating system is Linux. But why? Linux is usually referred to being more secure and stable and since that is a fairly common stance across the hosting industry that is not just our opinion. Perhaps interestingly, […]

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John 08 Feb 2010

What is cloud computing? A beginner’s guide to the cloud

The last couple of years have seen lots of talk in IT and business circles about “the cloud”. Also sometimes called “cloud computing”, many people think it’s an idea that could change the way companies organise and manage their IT. The problem is that the cloud is a tricky concept to grasp. So what is cloud computing and why has it got people excited?

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