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Tim 15 Mar 2013

5 more trends in web design

Tweet Being a trailblazer is not all its cracked up to be with a lot of investment in untried methods. Better then to see what the trailblazers are doing well and then pick the best bits for your own project. Of course once it is trendy, it is no longer unique, but if you are […]

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Tim 14 Feb 2013

5 top tips on creating a great website

Tweet Ok so you are professionals and we don’t want to be teaching you to suck eggs but even the best of us overlook the obvious sometimes. So here’s five quick pointers to keep close in each and every project, to make sure your design hits all the right spots. Customisation is essential Even if […]

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Tim 01 Feb 2013

The rise of the Big Foot-er

Tweet Of all the trends perhaps led by the popularity of WordPress based websites, the expansion of the page footer, is one having most impact on the design world – within WordPress and beyond. In years gone by it was almost a last amend. A single line that was given short, sharp, shrift by designers. […]

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Tim 25 Jan 2013

One Page Wonders?

Tweet Back in September last year, I asked if one page was enough? In 2013 it appears a single page website will be ample. The modern online world is about interactions and most of those take place on social networks – shared platforms not owned by brands or companies, but simply where some of them […]

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Alexandra 18 Sep 2012

How effective is having live chat on a website?

By Alexandra in Website creation

Tweet If you have an ecommerce site, a live chat is a must. Not only does it help your customers get answers quickly but it can also increase the number of sales. Say you have a customer on your site that has added a few products to his basket. He may want to ask you […]

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Tim 05 Sep 2012

Is one page enough?

Tweet As a creative the real world and project restrictions often mean you have to hold back or at least dampen many of those wide-sweeping ideas or concepts. That can be a challenge particularly if a concept seems so perfect for the project in hand. So what about when the client says they only want […]

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Tim 16 Aug 2012

5 tools to quicker web page load

Tweet Quicker page loads mean better page rankings, so getting your site up on the end-users screen quicker quite literally could be a load off of your mind. Ironically, the science behind quicker page load can take ages to master, so we’ve trawled the web for some FREE tools to help you measure, understand and […]

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Tim 14 Jun 2012

WordPress 3.4 offers more customisation

Tweet Launched this week, WordPress 3.4 dubbed “Green” – in honour of guitarist Grant Green  apparently – introduces a good number of tweaks and new features that many in the WordPress community have applauded loudly. WordPress itself is leading the launch with praise for the Custom Headers and Background feature that means the world’s favourite […]

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mic 18 Jan 2012

Get your blog online in just 1 click with WordPress hosting

Tweet     Are you looking to create a blog quickly and easily? With our WordPress hosting, anyone can set up a blog because we make it so easy. You don’t need to download any software from the WordPress site, just install our simple WordPress application and you can start blogging within minutes. If you’re […]

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Tim 13 Dec 2011

Hello Sonny…WordPress 3.3 unveiled

Tweet WordPress have launched their latest version of their blog / content-management software — 3.3 – named “Sonny” and while the visual differences may be minimal, the functionality seems much improved. Named in honour of  jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, the latest version can be downloaded download or updated inside your WordPress dashboard – make sure […]

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