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Tim 11 Sep 2012

Why we should give more respect to Internet Explorer

Tweet It used to be “The Daddy” of web browsers and in reality it is probably now the Grandfather, but Microsoft Internet Explorer often gets a lot of bad press, particularly from the tech-savvy. Some possibly deserved, but whatever it’s faults and failures, the way we now use the web and enjoy functionality formerly in […]

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Tim 30 May 2012

Mobilise your site – it’s the best thing you will ever do

Tweet If you haven’t got the time, money and resources to develop a full mobile version of your site there are some very quick and useful tricks to make your site more responsive to enhance your customer’s browsing experience. One of the growing experts in the field is Kristofer Layon – author of Mobilizing Web […]

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Tim 01 Nov 2011

Understanding how your customers see your website

Tweet You can test, QA, check all you like but the chances are you will never spot every potential issue with your new-look website before you put it live. Yet, you needn’t just be responsive when a customer raises a problem with you, you can also be proactive too. Monitor your up-time The chances are […]

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Tim 29 Dec 2010

Why you need to understand social media before you promote it

Tweet I regularly harp on about the importance of social media to make your business successful in the modern world but before you rush headlong into it, please make sure you understand it properly. I say that, having personally experienced a big high street retailer trying to push social media over the Christmas break but […]

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Tim 02 Dec 2010

Top Ten Wireless Predictions

Tweet Communications sector consultants Juniper Research today released their latest report highlighting their predictions for the coming year in the mobile and wireless industry. The report reflects on last year’s proven predictions of surging mobile data traffic, driven by the consumer smartphone boom and the fact that with 3G networks under strain a number of […]

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Tim 01 Oct 2010

Content is King

Tweet Well you’d probably expect to hear that from a Copywriter and the same is true of SEO experts, but how often are new websites designed with ‘content to follow’? Most clients are driven by the desire to have a funky looking site. However, pushing ahead without considering what information that site will contain can […]

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Tim 17 Jun 2010

Could Ad-blockers cripple the industry

Tweet Here at Webfusion Towers we like to stay on top of what other internet users think and are saying, which means we read a lot of blogs, surf a lot of sites and invite our own customers to give feedback. Everything, including the odd negative, is helpful but every now and then we come […]

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Mark 12 Oct 2009

Why good website navigation is vital for your business

Make the customer journey as smooth as possible – with well designed website navigation.

Badly designed websites quite literally maroon users, leaving them with no choice but to click the ubiquitous back button right into next week. Alternatively, the user can restart the whole process by hitting ‘home’. Yet it is far more likely that they will just simply leave your site to the circling vultures.

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