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Tim 28 Aug 2012

How Google is tackling one of the last known hurdles

By Tim in Search engines

Tweet Google’s gargantuan databases hold more information than most of us can ever probably comprehend. Almost every webpage we create, every photograph we share and every comment we make, gets indexed. There are very few places, spaces and faces that the googlebot has yet to master. However, ironically for a system designed to give our […]

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Tim 14 Aug 2012

Google graveyard expands

By Tim in Industry news

Tweet Every now and then Google invokes its ‘streamlining’ programme and these next few weeks sees the end of another set of apps and sites that many will have used on their journey across the web. As Google admits, over the past year it has “made changes to around 50 products, features and services”. The […]

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Tom 02 Aug 2012

How Microsoft’s Hotmail Revamp Will Affect Hotmail Users

Tweet I don’t believe that anybody was taken aback by Microsoft’s decision to revamp their Hotmail service to Outlook. When I was growing up it was imperative that alongside learning to use the internet, you got yourself a Hotmail email address. Now, there are so many options out there. Google leads the way in their […]

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Tom 25 May 2012

Webfusion Gears up for EU e-Privacy Directive

Tweet The nationwide deadline over regulating the use of cookies comes into force on 26 May 2012. After this date a website operator will no longer be able to store information or gain access to information stored in the computer of a user unless the user is provided with “clear and comprehensive information about the […]

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Tim 28 Mar 2012

What if Google gave SEO lessons?

By Tim in SEO

Tweet Whatever your business, whatever your role in the business, you would probably jump at the chance of being taught by the experts wouldn’t you? The understanding of SEO is still almost something mythical, so many would probably spend a fortune getting the insider knowledge from those who make up the rules. Well amazingly, far […]

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Tim 20 Jan 2012

5 Ways to make the most of the locals

By Tim in Search engines, SEO

Tweet As Google push for personalising your search results, so local search is becoming more popular and important than ever. As we previously highlighted both Google and Bing offer free sign-up for companies to their local search systems but just being listed won’t guarantee the best results. Here’s 5 tips on how to maximise your […]

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Tim 11 Nov 2011

Why your business should be on Google+

By Tim in Social media

Tweet This week Google announced business accounts on Google + . It had been much mooted and Google had even played down the suitability of Google + when it first launched the beta-roll-out of the social network, but now it has given the business world a tool tweaked and designed specifically for them. So Google […]

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Tim 09 Nov 2011

Google’s gone Fresh

By Tim in Search engines

Tweet You may not have noticed – as unlike other Google announcements it didn’t appear to be posted to death by every media outlet – but Google have changed their search algorithm again…and this time it is all about promoting newer and fresher content. Announcing on its blog last week, Google confirmed the algorithm update […]

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Tim 16 Sep 2011

Googles identifies the value of its advocates

Tweet We’ve mentioned before about the value of brand advocates  the people who promote your product, not because they are paid by you but because they genuinely like what you do and/or how you do it. Well this week Google took that value to a new level. The Search giant identified and rounded up all […]

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Tim 18 Aug 2011

Pay attention, reviews will matter even more

Tweet In an attempt to help us browse more efficiently (or perhaps guide our thinking), Google has launched Google Related  which suggests relevant links for the page you are currently looking at. It comes as a Chrome extension or as part of the Internet Explorer Google taskbar and pops-up related content at the bottom of […]

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