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Tim 03 Nov 2011

Back-up your Back-up regime

Tweet No we’re not saying you have to copy every archive file you make – although there’s some merit in doing the same – we mean step-back and re-evaluate how you currently back up your critical business data. You probably already appreciate the importance of protecting your data with a regular back-up. You may even […]

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John 11 Aug 2011

Reliable backups cost, but unreliable backups cost more

By John in Security

Tweet How we used to back up (Image: gwire on Flickr.) You never start taking proper backups until you lose data. In the world of IT, that’s an old adage that’s been proven true time and time again. No matter how backup technology keeps improving and no matter how easy it is to take backups, […]

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John 06 Apr 2011

Don’t become another IT security news story

By John in Security

Tweet The end of 2010 and start of 2011 saw a flurry of IT security stories in the headlines. And that’s highlighted the need for every business to think about website and data security. So, here’s our summary of three types of security breach that have been in the news, what each means – and […]

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Tim 10 Nov 2010

Beware WiFi hotspots

Tweet The modern world is all about working on the move and the rise in WiFi hotspots has encouraged a coffee-shop culture of meetings and working ‘out of the office’. Yet, while the hotspots may offer the chance for you to connect online, it may also offer ‘others’ the chance to connect to your machine, […]

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Nick 04 Nov 2009

Does your website need a privacy policy?

If you collect information about people, you have a legal requirement to let them know you are doing so. This applies to both the real world and the Internet.

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