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Tim 12 Apr 2012

Mobile monitoring – Plesk phone app

By Tim in Technology news

Tweet In the modern world of smartphones you can monitor the weather, monitor your house, even monitor your home-alone dog, so it makes sense to monitor your server at the heart of your business. With our new range of Windows and Linux VPS and dedicated servers, if you are running Plesk 10 you can do […]

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Tim 16 Mar 2012

Our VPS just got better value

By Tim in Webfusion

Tweet There’s never been any doubt of the power of our Virtual Private Server offerings: Burstable Ram, unmetered traffic supporting bandwidth up to 100 mbit bursts and all simply managed with the proven proficiency of Plesk 10. Now though, there is even more reason to invest in your business and a Webfusion VPS: We’ve knocked […]

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Tim 09 Mar 2012

Dedicated is what you need

By Tim in Webfusion

Tweet No two businesses are the same. However, closely you try to model yourself on rivals or companies you aspire to be like, your needs, especially in terms of online resources, are always going to be different. Shared web hosting packages work for many people but if you were to make an analogy with clothes […]

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